Friday, November 25, 2011

Urgent: Kate Needs A Family!

NOTE:  This is not the gift I have been referring to--but oh how I pray she will find the gift of a family!!!

Advocating for this child, and praying she finds a family in time! 

She has so little time left!!!

In China, once a child turns 14 they can no longer be adopted, and will never know the love of a forever family.

Once an orphan turns 14, they are forever relegated to the life of an orphan, and will face a lifetime of extreme discrimination.

Please pray for Kate.

*Note that due to the short timeframe, only families who already have a dossier in China (or have adopted from China in the last year), will be able to complete the adoption in time.  If you are currently matched and waiting to adopt a child from China, it is also possible that you might be able to bring home both children at the same time--both the child you are currently matched with AND Kate--call or e-mail Holt's Waiting Child Dept. for more information. 


Sally-Girl! said...

Is this your gift????? She is adorable. Oh how I wish we could!!

Ann said...

No, this is not our gift--she so desperately needs a family tho!