Friday, December 2, 2011

My Secret Fantasy Man

I have a confession to make. 

I have secret fantasies about a man. 

A man who is not my husband.

I fell in love with him years ago when he came to my house to deliver a very special gift.  He's come back several times since, and each time it's a memorable, grand celebration!   Each visit includes laughter and hugs and photos for our special memory book. 

But lately? 

Lately, I haven't seen him. 

In fact, I haven't seen him for MONTHS!

I do see him driving around town and every . single . time . my heart gives a jerk and starts beating with wild abandon. 

He drives an amazing set of wheels that make my heart swoon! His sleek, shiny, testosterone laden vehicle is HUGE!

My cheeks flush and I honk my horn! 

I wave and blow kisses.  Sometimes I'll even pull behind him, hoping he'll decide to follow me home.

But he never does.

And you know what's really heartbreaking?

He IGNORES me!  Ignores me! 

Worse!  He looks at me with disdain!

And sometimes even fear. 

We're on day 90 waiting for our LOA (very important adoption paperwork).

Please Mr. Fed Ex Man.  Come for a visit very soon! 

I promise not to maul you like last time!

EDITED:  We have received our LOA!!!  Joyful happiness!  But I forgot my promise about not mauling, and I don't think we'll be seeing that Fed Ex man again--if ever. 

But that's okay.  Hazards of the job. 

We have our sweet LOA--we're one step closer to our Mei Mei.

Sunday Snapshot


Sally-Girl! said...

I can't believe you have waited so long for LOA!!! You close to Bryson's numbers!!! I sure hope it all goes quicker from here on out!!

Who's traveling this time???

asian~treasures said...

: ) Glad the LOA arrived & noone was terribly injured in that arrival.

Stevens Family said...

Hooray, hooray! Got to love the Fed Ex guy, LOL!

Annette said...

Yeah! Congratulations on LOA!

Amy said...

Love it!!! What a great day!!!

Tabitha Blue @ Fresh Mommy said...

Sooo funny. And YAY!!!! What an amazing delivery!! :)


Alex and Riann said...

Hugged the complete-stranger-FedEx man, cried in front of the complete-stranger FedEx man, showed photos of chocolate-eyed baby to complete-stranger FedEx man, invited no-longer-a-complete-stranger-FedEx man into my house to meet the reason for all of the above. :) Celebrating with you all!

Nancy said...

My FedEx guy is a hot babe!
Uh oh.
We're getting CLOSER!!!!
Congrats on that LOA. Now move on to stalking the USCIS officers.

Sammy said...

I didn't know you were adopting again. How exciting! Send me you number encase we don't have it and Remi can call this time. She enjoyed the last phone call.