Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Missing Child on Christmas Eve

Two stories will forever be etched in our Christmas memories.  One: a missing child in the middle of the night.  Two: the mystery of the missing ham.

The days before Christmas left Vu a nighttime mess.  Which meant he was also a daytime mess.  He became more and more wound up, wondering if Santa would come (doesn't he always?).  He wasn't sleeping well AT ALL.  He was a little bit crazy!

Christmas does this to Vu every year.  Christmas Eve was the culmination of excitement!  He went to sleep at 10 . . . and woke up at 11:30.  PM. 

He didn't go back to sleep.  Which made Santa's arrival tricky. 

He did wake me up several times during the night, and I finally went to sleep with him in his bed around one.

At 2:30 I woke up and noticed he wasn't there.  I was thinking the little Booger was down scouting out the Christmas gifts!  I went downstairs.  No Vu.  I went to the basement.  No Vu.  I checked every single bedroom, bathroom, couch, closet, and hiding place.  No Vu.

At this point, I was getting a little freaked!  I was silently talking to myself, trying to keep calm, reassuring my own brain, which was definitely starting to freak out with all the possibilities!  Surely he was here in the house . .  calm down . . .  I will find him . . . someday I will laugh about this.

But it was no laughing matter!  He was NO WHERE TO BE FOUND!!!  At 3 AM on a cold and blustery night!!! 

Could he be sleepwalking??  Kidnapped??

In the course of my house search, I also noticed that James had left.  But James had said he might go sleep at his own home, so I figured that was where he was.

I KNEW he wouldn't take Vu home with him--why would he? 

But after searching the house even more thoroughly, heart racing, I finally called James on his cell phone.

Cool-As-A-Cucumber-James: "Hi Mom!"
Panic-Crazed-Self: "Oh, do you know where Vu is?  I can't find him anywhere!"
Cool James:  "Oh, he's here with me."
Long pause.
Panicked Me:  "Where are you???"
James: "Oh, well, Vu kept going up and down the stairs, and he woke me up, and I thought he was going to wake everyone else up, so I decided to take him out to breakfast."

Me:  Speechless. 

It isn't everyday my child disappears in the middle of the night (on Christmas Eve) to go to a 3 am breakfast at an all-night diner. 

What a great big brother to take the little wild-man out to breakfast!  I'm sure James didn't think about leaving a note because he knew we were all sleeping!  Vu will always remember their Christmas Eve adventure.

Just a little bit of Christmas craziness!

I am glad to report that since that night, Vu has slept like a baby! 

Stay tuned for the story of the missing ham!


Nancy said...

That's the most amazing kid ever ever ever ever! Both of them of course!

Stevens Family said...

LOL!! OMGness, that's hilarious! No doubt that's a Christmas Eve story to retell year after year.

Anonymous said...

But James did post on Facebook ;), albeit afterward. I remember because I said to Rob,"What an amazing brother he is!" (Krista)