Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Joy Filled Boy

If I had describe Vu in one word it would be JOY!  He is filled with smiles, and hugs, and imagination.

But my sweet boy struggles so much in school and we have finally decided to have him tested to see if underlying issues can be sorted out. 

It is so hard to get to this point. 

It is so hard to be in a meeting with multiple school officials and hear them say, for formality, "So, we just need to make certain that you are requested testing to check for learning disabilities, is that correct."

And it is so hard to keep the tears from rising to the surface when I reply, "Yes, that is correct."

I love his teacher who reminded me later that Vu is such a joy and that we have to keep all the positives up front.  She is so right!

Vu loves to create!  In as recent pilgrim project for Thanksgiving, the kids had to make a doll representing a pilgrim from their family heritage.  We told Vu he could choose an ancestor from either side of our family--or he could choose himself since he is also an immigrant.

Vu chose himself.  He had so much fun putting his pilgrim together!

And since I never posted pics, I must also share the ones of him learning to ride without training wheels. 

Once he decided he was ready he took matters into his own hands:

And took off like a lightening bolt.

It's not easy facing the reality of learning disabilities. 

But it's where we're at, and we're willing to do whatever it takes to help our joy filled boy.

Oh how I love this kid!


Stacey said...

So hard to hear and say those words, but to have an IEP or 504 plan to help the kids who learn in a "different" way, will make your heart soar! Been there and see the other side now and it is so worth the time and struggles! Love to you all

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Hard to admit sometimes....we too have special learning needs. Once we have dealt with it- it improved EVERYTHING!!!!! And helped in self confidence in sooo many ways!!

Nancy said...

What a joy!
What a blessing!
Keep up the good work mama.

Amber said...

Our job is to help our little rugrats meet THEIR personal potential and to find their niche and their passions and dreams in life, whatever they are. I agree with the other comments.... My child's 504 status helped get the attention and specialized help that she needed... I wish we would have never terminated it. Keep on advocating for your kids and don't view the need for specialized help as a negative... What a blessing that it is available! You know me... Pursue diagnosis and intervention (school and private)aggressively and don't take a wait and see stance. ... That is my advice:)

Anonymous said...

this has brought tears to my eyes and we are facing this for one of my children. I did take a wait and see stance, based on some differing viewpoints from teachers and pediatrician, and now its reached that point where his school performance, as well as his own attitude, is negatively impacted and we are in a fairly critical point. It breaks my heart. I hate labels but if its what will get my child the support and help he needs, I will accept the label and stress to him that he is NOT a label, its just a way of bucketing his needs to make sure he has all the tools to help him through school. Its hard for all of us so I appreciate your honesty and wish you luck on your journey.

mrskmor (Mrs. Morales) said...

Big hugs! Just remember that us teachers also want what is best for our kids (a.k.a. Students :) and want to be sure all the right support, interventions, and modifications are in place to help them soar to their best potential! And success isn't measured by the end of year test, or even grade level tests for them. It's in the day to day successes when they learn to do something they couldn't do before, and you can see their confidence soar, which helps them gain momentum! That being said, I know as a mom, nobody can ever quite see our babies in the ways we do, and it is painful when people don' necessarily see all the great things so obvious to you! He is a wonderful boy with an amazing family who clearly has lots of strengths! I'd lie to hear how it turns out and always feel free to call me to chat if you need an outside teacher to bounce ideas off of!