Monday, January 9, 2012

In Adoption News

We finally have our I-800 approval and NVC pdf. 

This means US immigration has given approval for our daughter to come to the US, and they have cabled the Consulate in China with the approval.

Do you hear hip-hip-hurrah?  It was loud!

But listen carefully.  You can probably also hear a BIG sigh of relief.  When we filed our I-800 our paperwork came back.  That is NOT something an adoptive parent wants to see.  And then when it was resubmitted, it appeared lost in never, neverland (the lockbox) for a bit.  That is NOT something an adoptive parent wants to consider.

BUT, we had a wonderful officer at USCIS (immigration) who helped us work everything out--it gives me renewed hope in government bureaucracy humanity. 

I'm still praying we will travel end of Feb, tho March looks much more likely.

Today we are making a video for Mei Mei.  We are showing her a typical "day in the life" of our family.

It's getting exciting!


thecurryseven said...

You have your NVC pdf?? I need to email again!


Sally-Girl! said...

Can't wait for your trip!! You are getting closer!!!

Hank said...

YES!!! Congrats!!!!

thecurryseven said...

Phew! Got my NVC pdf today. We're back to the same timeline.


Stevens Family said...

Oh yay!!! Getting closer.

I just realized that you and the Curry's are on the same time line. How cool!

Daisy Madden said...

So exciting. :)
How old is Mei Mei?

Ann said...

Daisy, our Mei Mei just turned