Wednesday, January 18, 2012

P4#10--Prepare, Prepare!

PREPARE is my new mantra! 

Last week, those words kept coming to mind, and I also kept reading references to "40 days and nights."  As I was out walking the dog, praying (walking the dog while praying is great--as long as you pray with your eyes open!), it occurred to me that it was possible we would BE in China in 40 days and nights. 

Not probable.  But possible.  And with God, the impossible becomes uniquely probable!

Prepare!  Prepare!  Prepare our hearts to make room!

Not only have I started the to-do list--I've also thrown myself into 40 days of health through exercise, diet, and prayer. 

And yesterday?  Yesterday I packed Mei Mei's suitcase.

You would think that would be one of the last steps, but packing for my child is akin to getting out the bassinet while pregnant. 

It makes it seem REAL!

And I LOVE walking by Mei Mei's suitcase, multiple times a day, knowing that we will soon have her here, with us, through the miracle of God's glorious redemption. 

Prepare!  Prepare! 

What joy!

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Anonymous said...

LOVE IT and praying that it comes SOON!!! Coll