Friday, February 10, 2012

Anna Rose--Or the Post Where Rose Becomes Lan Lan (Part 1)

Using pseudo names on a blog can have its advantages.  And its disadvantages. 

The biggest advantage is giving my children anonymity.

The biggest disadvantage is confusion for those who know us--and causing even more names to be mixed up when calling kids to the dinner table.  Yes, that has happened.

But I have now come to a whole new level of quandary.

Having two children with the same name.

When I was pregnant with Patrick, we had a very difficult time finding a name that both Hubby and I loved AND that all our opinionated children approved of.  (Just FYI, the more kids you have, the harder it is to agree on anything.)

Actually, it was only the boy name that stumped us.  The name for a girl was set in garden stone--Anna Rose.  Anna is a name shared by my mother and me.  Rose is the name of a lifelong friend and soul mate, and there is nothing more beautiful than a rose.

When Patrick was born, we didn't think he would appreciate the name Anna Rose, so we went for something more masculine.

Fast forward four years.  In 2006, we began our adoption process for Anna Rose.  By this time we had five sons and only two daughters, so of course it made sense to adopt a girl.   We painted the bedroom bright pink and bought Hello Kitty toys.  What we didn't know at the time was that 85% of adoptive parents only want girls--and that boys, even healthy boys, wait and wait and WAIT.  As the months of waiting for a girl wore on, we became convicted that we would be open to adopting a boy.  I shared the story here and when we were matched here.  Our Anna Rose became our amazing Vu!

Fast forward to 2009 when we first saw Rose's picture. 

I asked Hubby if he thought this was our Anna Rose?  Several months later Hubby asked me the same question.

Stay tuned for part 2.


Sammy said...

Well, I think naming adopted kids is especially difficult. For example, I had to favorite names picked out for our daughter. When she was 3 days old I got spooked and changed her name so the birth mom wouldn't know it. I had to pick out a new name ASAP. My new Chinese daughter got the name the first one was suppose to get 9 years later. : - )

Sandra & Steve said...

oh, i like this story, so interesting to hear the background! Very excited for you on your next journey. Congrats!

Sarah said...

I love the picture with baby Patrick. Your oldest daughter's face is priceless!

Ann said...

Sarah, Lizzy is smiling so big because she knows SHE was the one responsible for Patrick joining our family. She PRAYED that baby into being! She prayed for years, would sob at bedtime for me to HAVE another baby, even wish it on her birthday cake! I always told her that IF we had another baby we would adopt. :-) God heard our Lizzy's pleas--and gave us the gift of Patrick! How cool is that?