Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Anna Rose--Or The Post Where Rose Becomes Lan Lan (Part 2)

Still no adoption news, but that leaves time to complete the story of our Anna Rose.

So, we left off with Hubby coming back to me with the same question I had asked him months prior. 

Was "Rose" our Anna Rose?

Surprisingly enough, I wasn't sure. 

A lot had changed that year.  I was working part-time in a very stressful child welfare position.  I was going to school full time to finish my bachelor's degree--and had just been admitted to the MSW program.  Life was at a new level of craaayyy-zzy!  Too crazy!

I did a lot of soul-searching during that time.  What did God want me to do with my life?  Were we meant to adopt again?  Was Rose meant to be ours? 

God seemed silent. 

Or maybe, I was just too busy to hear Him.

I decided that Rose wasn't meant to be ours.  I was going to call Holt the next day to give them our decision.

And then I had a dream.  A dream about Rose.  She was right here in our house, with us, our daughter!  I don't remember anything else about that dream, except that I was so happy and I was calling her by the name of "Quinn."  It was a name I had never considered before--I didn't even know it was a girl's name! 

Suddenly, she wasn't just a waiting child.  She was MY child.  She was my Quinn.

Long story short, PRAISE GOD we were matched and eventually decided to keep her Chinese name, with Quinn for her middle name.  (We are now re-adopting her in the US and changing her middle name because she DETESTS the name Quinn--I guess I don't have much of a future as a prophet!) 

But I kept her blog name as Rose.

Enter new daughter.  New daughter with a Chinese name that is very difficult to pronounce.  New daughter that we decide is finally, finally, our Anna Rose (this time keeping her Chinese name for her middle name). 

At long last, our Anna Rose.  A name that seems to fit her perfectly.   

She will be called Mei Mei on my blog--the Chinese word for "little sister."

And Rose will be called Lan Lan--her real-life nickname.

Confused?  Come on--keep up!

Mei Mei is still Mei Mei.

Rose is now Lan Lan. 

And because I just can't help it, a sneak peak of our Mei Mei.

Our Anna Rose--named after her mama, her grandma, and her Auntie Rose.

Delicate, sweet, beautiful.

Anna Rose--I can't wait to finally put my arms around you!  We love you from afar!  We think about you all day long, and pray for that phone call telling us to come--to come and bring you HOME to your FOREVER FAMILY!  Soon Mei Mei!  Soon!  


Shonni said...

Thank you for sharing your love for your precious children. You inspire me so much.

Shonni said...

Thank you for sharing your love for your children. You inspire me so much.

Nancy said...

Can't wait to see her finally where she was always destined to be! SOON!

Sandra & Steve said...

Such a lovely story, thank you so much for sharing. And a glimpse too! :0)