Sunday, February 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Patrick!

In a few minutes we will be down to four days! 


And because we need to fit anything and everything in before we leave, we celebrated Patrick's birthday!

He chose a lasertag/money-sucking-arcade party. 

And had a fabulous time.

Here are the kids just before going into the lasertag arena. 

Lizzy baked the cake--a topsy-turvy (which is apparently all the rage) covered in fondant.  Very, very cool!

At the very end of the party, when I absolutely insisted I was not giving another blasted quarter to another single child, Patrick found a token on the floor.

He put it in the machine:

And hit the JACKPOT!!!!

I have no doubt this will forever make my child into an even bigger arcade addict--who will go on to become a lifelong slot-machine addict.

But oh!  What joy!

Patrick, you have taught me so much about patience and you help me see the world in new ways.  You will always be my MORE boy--more of everything!  I love your passion for life, amazing insight, quotable quotes, inquisitive nature, and your INCREDIBLE hugs.  What a precious gift you are!


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Stevens Family said...

what a great birthday celebration! How cool about the jackpot at the end. Happy birthday to your sweet boy.