Sunday, February 26, 2012


Three days!  Just three!

At this point I can't make a complete sentence, let alone blog post. 

I go between feeling incredibly excited to meet Mei Mei, to the bittersweet sadness of leaving my other kids. 

Today the dog went to stay with my mom and dad.  They came in for a basketball game, and left with a dog!  I am quite sure he is going to have the time of his life--it is more like a dog-spa than a dog-sitter--but even that was sad!

My mind is going every which way.  I still have some major projects (taxes, presentation, term paper to complete) and some serious packing . . . but my hope is that I can use the next three days wisely and leave my kids with a sense of peace. 

That we can have special time together in the next three days, because I can already feel the tension rising--and their radar for our coming absence is going off louder every hour. 

Three days.  Three days.

And because I have no picture for this post, I will show you Vu at the Wax Museum. 

I LOVE our school's Wax Museum of historical people.  Clever, creative, and educational!


Three days!  THREE!

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