Tuesday, March 6, 2012

From Lan Lan

Hi Everyone, I am Lan Lan.  I very happy go back to China and it very fun.  I went to see The Forbidden City.  It was a very big house.  We went to the Great Wall today.  Very long steps.  Very long, very long, very long, very long.  And there is snow there.  And there is very hard walking, very high steps.  Later, we guys go back home, eat some Chinese food, and we guys later, go to try tea there.  We just walk around outside.  I see lots of Chinese foods--different kinds, like crab, squid, scorpions, sharks, baby birds, noodles, and lots more kinds of food.  Tomorrow, we guys go sign more paperwork for Mei Mei, coming to USA to new family.  She loves dad.  She likes mom.  She loves me so much!  And she's so quiet and she is a sharing girl and very nice.  She likes to play with dad.  I miss you guys.  Bye!


thecurryseven said...

Oh my goodness... this is so sweet!


Stevens Family said...

The sweetest ever! Thank you for the update on your fun time in China Lan Lan :)