Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Great Wall And Forever Smiles

How is Mei Mei doing today?

She is loving her Baba very, very much!

Altho I have to admit to feeling a tad bit jealous, I am just so glad she is finding solace.  She doesn't let Baba get more than a few feet away!

Today we went to the Great Wall where everyone was all smiles.  It was INCREDIBLE!  We didn't go with our travel group because we wanted to wait until we had Mei Mei with us.  I'm so glad we did.  She was smiling from ear to ear the whole way up--1100 steps!

We also went to a tea house. 

Lan Lan was in heaven, delighted in the fruit tea, and is thrilled to have her own little pee-pee boy (a clay mold, made in the form of a naked little boy that pees when the tea is hot).

I just keep looking at Mei Mei and I am in awe that we have been blessed once again.  She is a precious, precious little girl!  I am so sad for her that she had to wait so long for a family--she was on the shared list for several years.  It is truly a miracle to welcome another child into our family!  We love you Mei Mei!  And there's more love waiting for you at home--FOREVER!!!

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Kathy said...

Not sure what to say. I have tears. Looks like Emily is holding down the fort very well at home. Fortune is what you hold in your arms!