Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Happy Birthday To My Firstborn!

I can't believe my baby is 29 today!  I must be old to have a son that age! 

But, given the fact that I was only ten when he was born, I guess I'm not that old! 

The years have been filled with joy and thanksgiving!  The only thing I really wanted from the time I was a baby was to have babies--to be a mother to a whole bunch of kids.  James was the beginning of that dream becoming a reality.  What a precious gift he has been! 

Never has a baby been so loved!

Somehow James survived being the guinea pig firstborn. 

He survived years of mom-made/mom-approved Halloween costumes, when his friends were all dressing up as mom-non-approved-because-of-violence Ninja Turtles (James--sorry you weren't born one child later when Ninja Turtles made the "approved" list.) 

He survived clearance rack clothing, homemade short-shorts, and hair-cuts-compliments-of-mom (sorry, sorry, and even more sorry).

He survived his mother's obsession with "Sound-of-Music-Style" matching clothing (NOT sorry--LOVE it to this day):

And his mother's insistence for pictures and more pictures including "The Line-Up":

And he survived that phone call as a freshman in college when his mother informed him she was PREGNANT!  (f.y.i. no apparent psychological damage done--James is an amazing big brother!)

Somehow he survived all our inadequacies as parents and turned out to be one of the nicest people in the whole world.  James is kind, loving, witty, wise and confident--and VERY, VERY LOVED!

Mei Mei sure thinks so (and so does James' wonderful girlfriend):



Anonymous said...

too funny - are those stripes on the clearance rack shirt really filled with glitter or does it just look like that?

Ann said...

I don't remember glitter on the shirt--but who knows??? Poor child somehow survived! As a teen he bought his own clothes and at the Senior awards in high school was named Mr. GQ :-)