Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hogwarts is Saved

I was hoping to take the kids to the coast today, but with predictions of a winter storm we will be sticking closer to home.  Mei Mei gets too over-excited to take to the normal crowded indoor spring-break fun spots. 

We may just have a pajama day/movie bonaza/game day. 

Yesterday we enjoyed Patrick's new Lego Hogwarts game. 

In trying to be helpful, Mei Mei took it all apart AND PUT ALL THE PIECES IN OUR BIG BOX OF LEGOS.  Not good.  BUT, we were able to go on a "treasure hunt" and eventually put it all back together.  Hogwarts saved from certain death! No harm done. 

The game is fun, strategic, ever-changing, and will, no doubt, be played again today.  In fact, I think I will orchestrate a Happy Potter themed day! 

Chocolate frogs anyone?

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thecurryseven said...

Oh man! We have that game and the corresponding huge box of legos. I can't even imagine.