Sunday, March 4, 2012

On The Home Front: Homework in the Sunshine!

Gram and Papa drove in today to take the kids to see The Lorax while I was at work!

They LOVED it! Even Kim says it was "The best kids movie ever!"

Afterwards, Kim took the kids up to the park while I finished my shift at work.

Paul spent the day with friends- thankful for him to have so many great friends to spend time with!

This morning, as soon as Mom and Dad's presents for the day got laid out on the counter the footsteps came pounding up the stairs- Even Paul's, who is 'too cool' to miss Mom and Dad very much. Today each kid got a box of candy. I didn't regulate very well how fast they ate it.. Sorry Mom. ;)

Vu doesn't have any homework this weekend, but Patrick has some- so him and I are working on ours together OUTSIDE! It was snowing this past Monday, and now we have 60 degree weather!

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