Thursday, March 8, 2012

"Julie" Desperately Needs And Wants A Family--Grant Available

As I sit in China, I am thrilled to learn that "Kate" has a family flying to China today to bring her home!

I am also SO excited to know that the "Dynamic Duo" has just been matched.

But there is one little girl I have been advocating for since last year, and she continues to wait.  She only has nine months to find a family.  I keep looking at the miracle of our own girls, both older when we adopted them, and believe there is also a family for "Julie."

Please pass this info along to anyone you know who might be her family.

"Julie" now has a $5,000 Special Blessings grant AND her Holt fees have been reduced!!! 

In addition, China may be flexible in their eligibility criteria. 

From Holt's recent blog:

After 13 Years in Care, 9 Months Left to Find a Family

Julie* is this week’s featured waiting child. She has less than 9 months to find a family. Eligible and interested families should immediately contact Erin Mower at

Julie in July 2010.
Date of Birth: November 15, 1998
Two years ago, in November of 2010, we posted Julie’s story in the hopes of finding her a family. After several of us met her in China the previous summer, we came home determined to find this 11-year-old girl the family she so deserved – and desperately wanted. Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful.
Julie is now 13, and has less than 9 months to find a family before she becomes ineligible for international adoption.
Thirteen years ago, Julie’s birth parents wrapped their newborn daughter in red cloth and left her at a crossroads in a major southern city. Here, she was found by local police and taken to one of China’s sprawling social welfare centers for orphaned and abandoned children. In the years since, Julie has grown into a clever, independent girl with a warm, loving heart.
Click here to read Julie’s original waiting child blog, from November 2010.
Since we last wrote about her two years ago, Julie has come into her own in many ways. After following up with the orphanage, our staff in China received an update on Julie. She likes to sing and dance, and is currently learning Latin dance, they write. She loves dolls and handicrafts and she is good at expressing her ideas. She is also diligent and methodical in nature, and seeks to help others in need. She wants to be a kindergarten teacher when she grows up so that she can help take care of other children.
Over the years, Julie has watched many children leave the orphanage to join loving families of their own – always wondering when it will be her turn. She desperately wants a family, her caregivers write, and often gets emotional and jealous when other children are adopted. Julie says she would love to join a family with grandparents, siblings as well as cats.
She has waited 13 years. This is literally her last chance to join a family of her own. To help interested families who may not have the resources, we have reduced fees and placed a Special Blessings SNAF grant of $5,000 toward Julie’s adoption.

A recent photo of Julie.
To meet the deadline to adopt Julie by her 14th birthday, families will need to complete and submit their dossier to China as soon as possible. Because her case is so urgent, China may however show some flexibility in eligibility requirements. See country criteria for complete eligibility requirements.
For more information about Julie, contact Erin Mower at

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