Monday, March 12, 2012

Lan Lan At The Safari

From Lan Lan:

hey you guys China is very fun. and I eat a lot chinese food. today i go to safari. i like see the panda  bears
they're very cute and that guy threw the food then ran to line up sit down smile. i took a picture with the panda
bears. i fed the elephant banana with my sister. we fed giraffes they have very long tongues . there was
a old giraffe. tomorrow we are go to shopping to buy lots of stoff.

the panda bear is smiling


thecurryseven said...

Why are you wearing coats? We were really counting on it being warm when we get there!

Love the pictures.


Anonymous said...

We are enjoying your journey.
Kim Crawford

Stevens Family said...

Another great update :) Looks like a lot of fun!!