Tuesday, March 13, 2012

On The Home Front: Last minute

I was informed after school TODAY that Patrick will be having a 'garage sale' at school on Thursday. As in this Thursday. So we had to get creative and come up with something for him to sell to his fellow class mates.

We spent our afternoon making these!

Bookmarks! Simple and easy. And I made sure that Patrick helped out with making them- I didn't want it to be a 'parents only' project. Took us about an hour to make 25 of them. We might make a few more tomorrow- we'll see!

Things are going fine at home. We're crossing off the days on our calendar until Mom and Dad are home, but we're surviving! I think we're going to go to the park tonight- hopefully this rain will hold off for a few hours! We've been cooped up indoors due to awful weather the last few days!


Ann said...

You are an amazing sister! The bookmarks are SO COOL!!!! We miss you all so very much!!!!

Stevens Family said...

What a great idea! I bet they'll go very fast :)