Friday, March 9, 2012

On The Home Front: The logic of children..

The other night Vu was walking around throwing his stuffed bear up into the air, telling me he was making it do back flips.

I told him he better stop before it got stuck somewhere, and to just take it up to his bed room.

You know how kids listen.

So five minutes later I hear an "uh-oh", and a giggle.

Guess what? Mr. Bear is stuck up on the ledge 15 feet above the floor.

I told him to not worry about it- I'd get out a ladder later to get it down.

Well Patrick then decides he's smart enough to help Vu get it down without a ladder. So he throws a basketball up.

Here's the result:

Not the best logic. So then today, they were playing with their new rebound balls- those little balls on elastic strings that you wear around your wrist- and decided to try to get them down with those: 

Paul was closer than Patrick to being successful, but to no avail. The bear and ball now sit about a foot farther back than they did before. Looks like I'll be getting the ladder out tonight.

Patrick informed me that I better get it down soon, or Lan Lan will freak seeing her basketball up on the ledge!

Here's the guilty little turkey walking home from school yesterday. He's just so cute though that it's hard to even be mad.

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Anonymous said...

hysterical! At least they managed not to break the little window above the door in their retrieval attempts!