Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Our Day of Appointments

We spent most of today finalizing Mei Mei's adoption.  It is very interesting to see how different the process is here, as opposed to Lan Lan's last year.  In Beijing it is much more drawn out, requiring several different appointments at various locations. 

Our guide has been phenomenal, helping us through each step of the process.  We unexpectedly had the chance to meet an important adoption official, and it is very apparent that Holt is well thought of as an excellent adoption agency.   We have even more respect for the Holt staff here; their love for the children is so apparent.

Mei Mei continues to flourish.  When she saw the orphanage worker today she didn't cry.  In fact, when the official saw her so attached to her Baba, she jokingly asked her if she wanted to go back to the orphanage with her and Mei Mei said, "No!" then grabbed onto her Baba's hand with all her might!

And yes, she is LIKE GLUE to her Baba!  She will tolerate me, and is very sweet to offer me her candy and snacks, but she is a Daddy's girl!  She wants to be right next to him ALL the time.  I have to admit, I long for the day she will cuddle up with me, but it is so rewarding to see how far she has come in just a few days.

We considered going to the acrobat show this evening, but instead opted to just go for a walk and hang out at the hotel.  Mei Mei has led a very sheltered, isolated life, so we don't want to totally overwhelm her--at least, not yet!  It has been nice having lots of family time together. 

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