Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ready For Take-off

Sitting at the gate, ready to board.

I'm starting to think we really are adopting again!

Do you think this is the time to tell Hubby that we are really getting a GIRL and not a GRILL?

Can't wait to meet our Mei Mei!

Lan Lan is over the moon excited! 

And we're off!


Eric said...

I'm on to you now. I figured it out when you made me buy an extra ticket for the trip home and it was a name I didn't recall. Of course, with so many kids, it's easy to not recognize one name!

Eric said...

Oh - and the cost on the "grill" seemed pretty high, so my expectations were really up there. All the "upgrades" you kept telling me about every time you were writing a check started to make me suspicious!