Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Settling In

Oh me, oh my!  I forgot how much more difficult it is to overcome jetlag when coming home.  Why is that?  Probably because I have so much to do when coming home!  But I must give a shout-out to all our family and friends who helped in our absence.  The house was clean and the kids were happy!  I couldn't ask for more!  YOU ALL ROCK!!! 

Mei Mei is settling in.  She LOVES all the toys!  She will take something out, play, then put it away before getting another toy out.  I am really hoping she can teach this skill to the other kids, since I have not been able to in 29 years of parenting!  Favorite toys are Matchbox cars, Beyblades, and Nerf guns.  Her brothers are thinking that maybe adopting another girl (as opposed to the brother they had hoped for), isn't so bad after all. 

Mei Mei is so attached to her daddy and loves Lan Lan.  She also enjoys the other kids, although she isn't quite certain how to interact with them yet.  Lots of parallel play.

As for her mama?  She isn't so keen on me.  In fact, she actually seems to be afraid of me.  She doesn't want me to touch her and prefers to get the help of other family members.  I know this is common behavior in an adopted child, but it's a first for me--I've always had a seemingly natural ability to interact with ALL kids. 

I now have a new understanding of how difficult maternal rejection feels.  It's one thing to know it's common, another to experience it.  At this point, I am just being patient and letting things go at her speed.  I'm remembering to make myself easy to love by being playful and only focusing on important discipline issues.  It has really helped her to see the other kids lovingly interact with me--maybe she's learning I won't eat her for lunch after all! 

Any encouragement or advice appreciated!

We've been spending our days getting back in the swing of things.  Instead of arriving on a Saturday we came home Sunday--so we were right back in the saddle with school and work, sifting through a big stack of mail and phone messages, and LOTS of laundry.

Pics of the arrival:


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Sally-Girl! said...

So glad you are home! Just trust that once she is comfortable in her forever home she will open up to you just as she sees all the others do. Also remind yourself that she is sweet and loving to others so that will eventually transfer to you as well. I am sure you are doing all the "right" things!!!