Thursday, March 1, 2012

T-Minus 6 Hours

We had a really great last day together--but it was sad when the little boys went to bed.  They were sad.  I was sad.  At this point, I am just anxious to get on the plane and get rolling--then we can count down to coming home instead of leaving.

I keep wondering what Mei Mei is thinking.  We recently learned from Lan Lan that she had only seen two other Caucasian people in her whole life (other than on TV) before we came.  She tells me she was very afraid of my yellow hair!  (Is it too late to dye my hair black??)

When you think about just that alone.  Just the fact that we LOOK so different--the very people that Mei Mei will be expected to to leave with--it must be terrifying! 

Honestly, the only way I can imagine it is if I think of being adopted by purple space aliens! 

I do think that Lan Lan will be a comfort to her.

My prayer for Mei Mei is that her heart will be protected and that her fear will be lessened as the angels surround her.  Someday she will know that her future is much brighter here--that she is loved unconditionally and forever!  She will know that our family is a safe haven from the world. 

She will know that she is no longer an orphan, but OUR CHILD! 

We're ready!  Is she?

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