Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tales To Tell

Home Sweet Home!  Crrayyzzy last couple days!  I felt like that mom in the movie Home Alone when she's trying to get to her son.  At one point we were within 600 miles of our town, but then slept 2,000 miles away! 

Tales to tell--but later, right now I have lots of hugs and kisses to catch up on!  It feels GOOD to be home!  Mei Mei is LOVING all the kids and toys!


Shonni said...

I”m glad that you are home!

Sally-Girl! said...

so glad you made it home FINALLY!!!!

Pictures please!!!!

Lisa said...

WOW! That seemed quick!!! SO GLAD you are home safely! Now the real fun begins!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love from the Murphy family:)

Stevens Family said...

Ah, welcome home!! Enjoy getting into a routine with your sweet girl in the mix. I bet she's loving the flurry of attention and I bet they are loving getting to know her. Hope you get some rest in there at some point too :)