Thursday, March 1, 2012

Update from home!

Good Morning! While our parents and Lan Lan are in China, we're going to try to keep you posted about what's going on at home as well.

Kim and I drove them to the airport at WAY too early of an hour this morning- even earlier than expected because we woke up to a surprise snow coating on the ground. They were dropped off safe, and we made it home in time to fall back asleep on the couch for an hour before getting the kids up for school.

When Mom and Dad went to Hawaii awhile back, Mom decided to leave an envelope with a little note and present for each of the kids every day. Things like those sponge animals that grow in water, or some silly bands, with a little love note to get us through the week.

Well this time, they're gone for more than a week, and they've left little gifts for the kids to wake up to or come home from school to.

Normally I would make them wait till they get home, so they have something to look forward to at the end of the day, but today I thought waking up without Mom and Dad here would be a little tough, so their presents were lined up on the counter.

Vu brought his along for the whole car ride to school, even getting halfway inside before realizing he still had his new bear tucked under his arm. Patrick was curled up on the couch with his as he worked to wake himself up this morning. Kim and Paul opened theirs and then rushed off to school- typical teenagers.

It's going to be a long few weeks but we're counting down the days to Mei Mei's homecoming!

I'll keep you updated on both our adventures at home and anything I hear from Mom and Dad.

Stay posted! Now I need to get some sleep.


Lisa said...

Hi Lizzy! So excited for your family!! I'm sure Mom and Dad feel great knowing you are at home with the kids:)

The Murphy family from Florida

Anonymous said...

I am impressed by your ability to keep your family running while your Mom and Dad welcome your new sibling! What wonderful kids they have raised and what a lucky girl your new sister is to be joining your family!