Tuesday, March 6, 2012

On The Home Front: Winter's last Hurrah

There were a few notes on the news last night saying their might be some flurries at high elevations this morning, but we weren't expecting any. We woke up today though to a last light dusting of snow- already melted away in any sunny place, but our neighborhood has some shading so the kids got to see it one last time!

They're saying that this may be the last snowfall of the year- at least in our area. We're all crossing our fingers, because mother nature just needs to make up her mind! We've had 60 degree weather this week and 25 degree weather! Crazy. The boys wanted to walk to school, so we threw on some winter coats and headed out. They were all smiles regardless of the cold! Ignore Vu's crooked glasses- he decided today it would be fun to show Patrick that he could pop the lens out on one side. -___- Took some effort to get it back in! 

We're supposed to have some sunshine and warmer temps by the end of the week- It's looking promising! Now this Spring just needs to stick!


Anonymous said...

Lizzie, you just ROCK!!!! :)Colleen

Anonymous said...

You are doing a great job taking care of the family. Hats off to you, Melinda, Kim and Alex.