Saturday, April 14, 2012

He is Risen--Easter 2012

Thank you to everyone who sent the encouraging e-mails or comments.  Truly, your words mean more than I can say!  You are all fulfilling God's promise of the people He will surround us with.

One thing is that we love our sweet little Mei Mei so very much!  And the joy of a large family is that she is surrounded by love.  She is innocent, sweet, and LOVING!  She is sensitive and funny.  And can you believe she learned to ride a two-wheeler bike in one day?  Amazing!

Once I released my fears to God, I was able to fully turn all my energy toward loving her--which has been easy since day one. 

A few more pictures from Easter.

Can you believe Mei Mei's transformation in just six weeks?  And look at Lan Lan!

Having a loving family will do that to kids! :-) 

He is risen indeed!

Up next!  Changing channels with a game of "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego".


Sally-Girl! said...

He is Risen!! Redemption is a wonderful thing!!! Mei Mei looks wonderfully redeemed and joyful!!

Bless you and yours!

Stevens Family said...

Amazing transformation! You can just see the joy on their faces. Happy Easter!!