Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Journey: Redemption Part 1

Mei Mei is doing well--really well.

But there have also been challenges.  Big challenges I haven't yet shared.  Challenges I needed to wrap my own brain around; and to talk through with family, friends, and professionals.  Delays I needed to understand. 

Delays I'm still struggling to understand.

Have you ever wanted to share a story, but you didn't know where to begin? 

Ours is unfolding as I write.  And I hope I can find the words--and yet when I sit down to write I cannot.  But I will try, in the hopes of BEING REAL, encouraging other adoptive families, and mostly, in hopes of glorifying the real author of the story.

It's an Easter story of sorts--about life, rebirth, redemption, fear, love, trust . . . and hope. 

The story is about how Mei Mei has unexpected developmental delays--and it's the story of how we are coming to terms with that truth.  It's the story of trusting God.  It's the story of loving a little girl who has been waiting her whole life for the love of a family.  Redemption.  Stay tuned.

For today, Easter pics:

I hope you all had a glorious Easter!  He is RISEN!!!


angela said...

I understand.... we have two with developmental delays. We knew it, but we had no idea to what extent, and even now still have no idea what that means for their future.

Blessings on the journey. God will give you wisdom.

Nancy said...

Happy Easter to you and yours as well!

So appreciate your willingness to share when it is time. It helps all of us. I think of you and both your daughters, and our short time together. It was a blessing.


Sammy said...

Happy Easter! Remi really enjoyed talking to Lan Lan the other day.

Anonymous said...

It might sound slightly stalker-ish to say that I have your blog up on my iPhone to check it daily :) I have been following your newest adventures as they unfold and had loved it! She is gorgeous and just seems like she's always been here! Of course there are challenges and for those we wish you such strength and encouragement! Hugs!! (Krista)