Wednesday, April 18, 2012

NOT Winning Mother of the Year Award

Over a year ago my three sisters, my mom, and I, planned the trip of a lifetime.  A mother/daughter trip of amazing fun!

At that time we were just coming home with Lan Lan and didn't know we would be bringing home Mei Mei a year later.

And then we thought Mei Mei would be home sooner rather than later.

But she wasn't.

I went back and forth on whether I could/should leave Mei Mei so soon.

Decided I would go for BAD Mother of the Year Award.

I am currently having a blast with my three sisters and my mom.  That family is doing great--I'm skyping with Mei Mei and all the kids.  They are all still alive. 

And so is Hubby.

So all is well in my world--even if I am feeling lots of motherhood guilt.

Any guesses where we might be?

The picture above was taken at Christmas as part of a pre-travel preparation kit.


Kjbikakis said...

Paris? (:

Sally-Girl! said...

No way!!!! How could you even think of getting back on a plane for that long??? Oh wait you have no children with you, only grown ups that's how you could get on that plane again so quick!!!

Have a blast and leave the mother guilt in the offering tray at Norte Dame!!! It's not worth it!!!

A little green with envy right now!

Anonymous said...

Please have a baguette with brie and a stroll along the Left bank for me. Are you in Paris?


thecurryseven said...

You're not in Paris, are you?! Oh, so jealous.

Ann said...

You are all too smart!!! Updates when I get a moment. Having a blast!

kathy said...

Mother guilt will always be.You are however giving to your daughters. Showing them that it is good to take time for yourself! To follow Your Dreams.