Monday, April 23, 2012


Home sweet home late last night (actually early this morning due to a missed connection--what's up with that--again?).

We had a most amazing adventure, so many pee-your-pants-moments (including at this cafe' when my sister Amber decided to try out her French to ask for the bill.  The waiter laughed good naturedly, then kindly informed her that she had, in fact, just asked him to play!  He was very handsome--so it made it extra funny!) 

Oh, but it feels so good to be home!

Re-entry is always the hardest part--so much to do and so much to catch up on.  Hubby did a fantastic job of being Mr. Mom!  Honey--thank you for making this dream a reality!

And all the kids did well--Patrick actually had the hardest time.  Mei Mei even seems extra happy to see me--answer to prayer!  This isn't to say there won't be extra insecurity, whining, and crankiness for the next few days--from ALL the kids--it's part of re-entry. 

I've spent my morning reorganizing and making appointments.  Even on the plane home I was making lists of all that needs to be done.

Much to do, much to tell about our Epic Adventure--but most importantly, lots of mothering to catch up on!

Au revoir!


Stacey said...

I am so excited to hear about it and see pictures. Looks like it was a great trip. So glad Mei Mei missed her Mama. <3

Sammy said...

Looked like fun!