Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bug Bites

We have this little white lie in our family.

Girls don't get pimples. 

A lady would never admit to having something is horrid as a PIMPLE!

Oh no!

Ladies get "bug bites."

Last night, as I was tucking in Patrick, he was recounting for me his latest literary adventure, The Throne of Fire.  Suddenly, he stopped mid-sentence, wrinkled his forehead in a frown, and leaned down close to my cheek.

He pointed near my nose with a look of disgust, then said, "Mom, what happened to your face?"

Me, trying to act very nonchalant, "Oh that thing?  It's just a little bug bite."

Patrick gets a wry smile on his face, tilts his head and says, "A bug bite mom?  Really?"

Me, a guilty smile.

Then Patrick says, "Well Mom, with that one, you might not be able to use the "bug bite" excuse.  He peers ever closer, making me feel like an insect under an entomologist's microscope.

"With that one Mom, you are going to have to use the "shot-by-a-BB-gun-excuse."

This kid makes me laugh!

And if you don't see me in public for a few days, you'll know why.

Icing the wound.


The Coys said...

I love it - so sweet and your storytelling so simple and clear. You are such a good writer! How'd I miss that gene?

Ann said...

Thanks for the kind words Trisha. You definitely have the creative gene--in the sewing, designing, crafts, decorating area! I love E.'s new dress!