Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lost Pet

Vu's teacher loves bugs.  Go into her classroom and you will immediately be greeted by a large cage of Vietnamese Walking Sticks. 

Very cool.

If you like bugs.

Which I do.

At least I used to.

Vu is the proud owner of one large black beetle bug.  With the help of his teacher he nursed it from the time it was just a wee little egg, loved it through the larvae stage, then helped it grow into a big strong bad boy.

Meet Darth Vader.

Yes, he has a head, abdomen, and thorax that only a dad could love.

And loved he is.

Or perhaps I should say, "loved he was"?

You see, Vu liked sharing his love of video games with Darth Vader.

And Darth Vader seemed to share this love.  Never pooped on the console once.

But the downside of sharing a video game with a beetle-friend is that it is very easy to get distracted by Mario and Sonic (they are at the 2012 Olympic Games after all!). 

And in all that excitement and distraction, it is very easy to forget that a real live pet has suddenly gone in search of a bedtime snack and is now missing!!!

Missing I tell you!


And in case you didn't know, when you have a pet that is only two centimeters long it is very hard to find that pet.

Especially when his absence is not reported until AFTER the house has been vacuumed.

In fact, I am sorry to report that Darth Vader has yet to be found.

I'm just hoping HE wasn't a SHE.

Lost pet. 


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Anonymous said...

WHOA! You think you know a family pretty well and then BA-BAM you find out they have a beetle pet. You really are a super-de-duper Mom. Plus you VACUUM?!?! Coll