Saturday, June 23, 2012

Happy 10 3/4!

We celebrated Mei Mei's birthday!  Her birthday isn't until October.

Am I being ultra organized?  Pro-active?


It's because every day, MULTIPLE TIMES every day, she was so very sad we missed her birthday.


When it was her birthday last October we thought it would be fun to have a little celebration in her honor.  We made a cake, blew out candles, and took lots of pictures--then mailed them to her.

These are the very pictures that make her sad--knowing we celebrated her special day without her. 

Who could have guessed our good wishes would have such a negative effect?  We continue to live and learn on this adoption journey.

And ever since Mei Mei came home she has talked endlessly about her birthday.  A day that was never celebrated in China (which isn't unusual in Chinese culture).  But she also knows SHE was never celebrated on any occasion.  She has a very harsh past, which makes her lack of birthday celebrations that much more painful.  And one of her favorite past times is looking through family photo albums, where she sees the other children celebrating birthday after birthday.  She feels LOSS.

I had planned to wait until October.  But after seeing her distress on a daily basis, and hearing her talk about how long it was until October over and over and OVER every day, I finally threw up my hands in surrender and decided a late birthday party was in order.

Why not celebrate her 3/4 birthday?

What a delightful day it has been!

First, a trip to Build-A-Bear for a new wa-wa (stuffed animal),

And then some fun at the bowling center complete with cousins from Texas.

Ringpops were a big hit!

And the candles?  I have never seen her smile so big!

Happy 10 3/4 birthday Mei Mei!  This is just the beginning of celebrating YOU for the rest of your life!

We love you!!!  Looking forward to your real birthday in October!


Stevens Family said...

Awe, what a sweet birthday celebration. She looks so very happy to celebrate her 10th birthday with her family after all.

Lisa said...

How beautiful!! Tears of joy over here. Way to think outside the box. Who cares about the date, anyway. You obviously did a WONDERFUL thing that is going to provide a lifetime of special memories (to help ease the bad ones). Good job, Mama:)

asian~treasures said...

What a sweet celebration of a precious girl who should be celebrated!!
Way to to, Mom! : )