Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Mondo Adventure - OR - How To Talk A Teen Into A Family Roadtrip

So, now you know my teenage son's reaction to my great roadtrip idea.

From his viewpoint, the idea of spending 3 weeks in the car with 7 people, including 5 siblings (some more annoying than others-depending on the day), and driving 6,000 miles through 16 states was . . .

let's just say . . .

NOT his idea of summer fun!

Paul is my quiet kid, the one who often hangs back, the one who doesn't laugh at my jokes--the one who often wonders how in God's creation he ended up in THIS crazy family!!!

And on top of it, I am quite sure he thought the drive would include listening to Wee Sing Folk Songs for 6,000 miles.  And he might be right.

But now?

Oh, now, my teenage son is totally on-board with the whole idea!

He is actually excited about it! 


Did I promise him a hundred bucks?


A hundred milkshakes?

No.  Altho that would have been easier.

I promised him a hundred skateparks all across the US.

(Okay, so maybe not a hundred, but hopefully a BUNCH!)

As we drive across the US we are going to try to find as many skateparks as we can so he can do a little bit of this:

And a whole lot of that:

And I'm going to take pictures so we can make a MONDO photo collage when we get home!


Don't you just love that word? Mondo!  It's so, like, 90's! Fur shure!!!

It seems like skateboard/scooter talk to me, so I have named our summer trek:


And I think I'm a pretty Mondo-smart mom for thinking up that coercion tactic  great idea!

Any suggestions for Mondo skate/scooter parks in the US???


One Thankful Mom said...

You inspire me! The roadtrip sounds exciting and what a brilliant idea to tap into your son's interests. You are going to make some great memories.

One Thankful Mom said...

You inspire me! What a brilliant idea to tap into your son's interests and draw him into the roadtrip plan. You are going to make some great memories.

Anonymous said...

Not to repeat myself BUT YOU CRACK ME UP!!!!! Coll

Leslie said...

Santa Cruz has a great skate park near the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.

Ann said...

Leslie, thank you so much for the skatepark idea. Maybe you can meet up with us there? It would be fun to meet some of my readers on our trip :-)

Difference2This1 said...

We just returned from a 12 day roadtrip from DE to CO/SD. It nearly killed us; and yes, it included lots of kiddie songs and activities a teen boy would have hated :) But, we played at one park in my hometown all afternoon- Longmont, CO. It's at the base of the foothills- beautiful views, lots of trails to walk and use their scooters/bikes on, wet playground, dry playground...something for everyone. And one big skate park next to the playground. If we had a teen who skated..this would have been perfect as all the other siblings would have been occupied with other fun things, leaving teen alone!! :) So, if you go through CO, check out Sandstone Park. Blessings, Jennifer