Saturday, June 30, 2012

Mondo Nightmares? And Book Ideas Needed

Less than two weeks til we leave on the Mondo Adventure!

We are now in full Mondo Prep Mode.

Most of the way we are staying with family and friends.  Brave family and friends.

I recently received this e-mail from our good friends in California.

Hi Ann!  Looking forward to your visit!  Had to share the dream Dan had last night.  He dreamed you showed up with SIXTEEN kids!  LOL!    See you soon!  D.

It doesn't take Freud to see where Dan's head is, does it?

My reply back:

Dear D.,

Tell your sweet husband we are only coming with SIX kids. 

It will just FEEL like 16! 

Are you sure you're ready for the invasion?

Best, Ann

On another note, I am looking for suggestions of kids recorded chapter books.  I am particularly thinking stories at the 3rd/4th grade level, but would love to hear any and all suggestions.


To China and Back said...

The Clementine books are good--at least two of those. Any Beverly Cleary book is good to listen to. Shredder man kind of drives me crazy, but the kids like those books.

Tracy said...

Oldies but goodies if you can find them. The Great Brain series and I was a Sixth Grad Alien series. My kids loved both on tape (that's how old they are!)

thecurryseven said...

Surviving the Applewhites! It was one of our favorite recorded books that we've listened to. Also, we are particular fans of E. Nesbit. She wrote a hundred years ago, but was a fantastic story teller. It takes a little while for everyone's ears to become attuned to the language patterns, but J. has read these books aloud to TM and D. (a couple of years ago) and they followed them just fine. I would recommend The Five Children and It to start with and also The Enchanted Castle.


And, I'm happy to report that I have had NO nightmares about you coming. Why? We'll only have a total of 20 children in my house. :-)

Alex and Riann said...

The Beverly Cleary books (Mouse and the Motorcycle and the Ramona books), the Great Brain books, Smokey the Cow Horse, The Year of Miss Agnes, Chronicles of Narnia (there is a set by Focus on the Family's Radio Theater that is a dramatized version of the books -- excellent), Homer Price, Stuart Little, Fantastic Mr. Fox (and any other Roald Dahl book -- he reads many of his books for the audio version), Secret Agents Four, Twenty-one Balloons, Little House on the Prairie Series (my boys especially loved Farmer Boy)...hmmmm...I know I will think of some more! Have an amazing trip!

Gretchen said...

We just finished the Percy Jackson audiobooks- the narrator is fantastic! It's also led to some interesting conversations since they are based around children of the Greek gods.

S said...

Not a book but my kids love "blah blah blah " by Bill Harley - really silly stories. We listen to it on roadtrips and love it. My fave is the Swamp Monster.

N-Tash said...

Harry Potter audio books are amazing. The narrator does an incredible job.

Ann said...

You are all being so helpful! Thank you! I also wanted to post some ideas that came to me via e-mail from a teacher/friend:
Soup, Soup & Me, BFG, anything by Beverly Cleary,
and from my niece who is also a teacher:
There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom (Realistic Fiction) - About a kiddo with ADD type tendencies who is ostracized in school. Makes friends with a new kid and eventually begins to change. Lots of humor.
Joey Pigza Swallowed a Key (there's also a sequel - Joey Pigza Loses Control)- Similar theme to above. Also lots of humor. All the above lend themselves to discussions of empathy.
The Kid in the Red Jacket -Theme is similar to Joey
Any Roald Dahl is awesome. (Fantasy/Humor) The BFG is hilarious. Some bodily function humor the kids/boys always appreciate. The Twits is also funny.
Where the Red Fern Grows - Wilson Rawls- long but a classic and the ending justifies the persverance. Super sad though.
Summer of the Monkeys (also Wilson times can be slow....but has drunk monkeys :).
A favorite series is The Sister's Grimm. All based on fairy tale creatures so kids already have background knowledge, but with a spin on it. There is mystery and adventure. Cleve twists on familiar characters. G had fun in the first book figuring out which character represented which fairy tale creature. She has read all nine, and is now rereading which she never does :). Mystery/Adventure
Number the Stars - Louis Lowry - Historical Fiction - WWII - About a girl escaping concentration camps.
Hellen Keller Biography. G was both fascinated and inspired by this book. It was the one written by George Sullivan.
Hana's Suitcase - based on a girl from WWII. G's teacher read this aloud and she suggested it to me.
Small Steps - Memoir (not the fiction book by Louis Lowry) About a lady who had polio when she was 12. Kids like it since she is close to their age. She lives in WA and is an author.
A Wrinkle in Time - Sci Fi
Kavik - I haven't actually read this but my fifth grade teacher friend says it's on of her favorite read
Where the Mountain Meets the Moon- Just read aloud for the first time this year. My kids liked it. Kind of a lot of little stories within the whole story. Setting is in China if I remember right.
Knucklehead - A memoir by Jon Scziecka about growing up with four brothers. Hilarious! The part about the boys peeing on the radiator always cracks us up :). This would be a good one for your kids!

NERDS(I haven't read but my students like them)
Holes by Louis Sachar - always a favorite.
How to Steal a Dog - I just read this aloud for the first time. Easy read and follow, and really good discussions! Kids loved it!