Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pray For Kim

Please keep Kim in your prayers Monday morning. 

She is having her final cleft repair on her nose and lip.

She will be in surgery for four hours and she HATES hospitals.

I did take her to the store tonight and bought her new p.j.s, a movie, and lots of Strawberry Banana Sobe'.

I also made her a very special get-well-soon gift. 

Taking into account the fact she will have lots of swelling and bruising post-op.

And taking into account the fact that she is freaked out about showing her face in public with all that swelling and bruising.

The gift is unique.

And handmade.

And used up a great amount of my creative genius powers.


It's a good thing she has a great sense of humor!  She loved it!

Kim, you have had a long road on cleft repairs but you are so brave!  You are my hero!  We will be right next to you every single second tomorrow! 

Prayers and more prayers! 

We love you!

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Kjbikakis said...

You're in my prayers Kim!! Your lip and nose already look great! Until reading this post I didn't know you were a cleft baby~ your lip looks amazing! Praying for a speedy recovery<3
God bless you~
-Kirstie Bikakis