Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Upcoming Interview With The Star Of The Show

After I wrote my post yesterday I thought about my words.  I realized that my writing reflects our journey with palate repair at the end of the road, including the fact that I've experienced some amnesia myself. 

I don't want to downplay how hard it was to see my child go through surgery and pain.  It rips my heart out.  I don't want to minimize how challenging the years were of driving to speech therapy and working (fighting) with insurance (which we are blessed to have). 

I do want others to know that was all miniscule compared to the rest of our life-as-usual-days, filling life with the joy that a child brings.  I do want others to know that a child born with a cleft in many countries will live a life filled with more discrimination than we can imagine.  I do want others to know that parenting a child who has a cleft isn't that big of a deal--it should never keep a child from having a forever family (like it so often does).  I would do it again a million times over--and in fact, we are starting the road again with Mei Mei.

But what really struck me about yesterday's post is that it was written from my view point.  For me, having a cleft isn't a big deal.  But I'm not the one living with the scar on my lip. 

So, I asked Kim if she was willing to be part of an interview and of course she said yes, because she wants me to buy her lots more Sobe' today. 

So, coming up, an exclusive personal interview with the famous, amazing Kim!

Despite surgery she still has her great sense of humor.

It helps that she's had lots of phone calls, visits,

and lots and lots of texts.

For now, the doctor just came in and said we can go home.  Yeah!

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