Sunday, July 29, 2012


Quote of the day:  "Wow!  We ONLY have a six hour drive today?  That's all?"

We had a wonderful time visiting our son and his wife.  No baby yet!  C. looks way to good to be giving birth anytime soon!  We all enjoyed a nice dinner together last night (C.'s mom is also here).

We enjoyed a nice hike with Will yesterday.  Hot, but fun.

Everyone has loved being together.  Today we are off to see Lan Lan's foster sister from China.  To say Lan Lan is excited is the understatement of the year. 

The kids are starting to get antsy to get back home.  Things are going well, but Yellowstone has been cut out of the drive.  One more week to go!

Yee-haw off we go again!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Road Less Traveled

Currently, we are in Austin, Texas.  The kids have been having a BLAST visiting their cousins!  It has been nice to relax, regroup, and swim, swim, swim! 

We were also able to meet up with other adoptive families who adopted cribmates/orphanage friends of our children--what a blessing!

Tomorrow we leave for Arkansas.  Back in the car for a good part of the day.

Surprisingly, the drives have not been bad.  True, I'm the only driver, but my kids are at good ages to travel long distances.

We do stop every couple of hours.  Potty stops are quite frequent, even with older kids.  We also pull off on historic highways if we feel so led--and because we love the movie Cars.

And we sometimes take the road less-traveled through beautiful places like Sedona--then become corny tourists who not only buy Arizona Tea, but proceed to take pictures with it.

We eat out of the cooler at least once a day. 

The GPS is my VERY best friend.  How did we survive before this great invention?  And yet, I still like real, paper maps--to give the big picture in a tactile way.

Electronics in the car is also supreme--you name it, we got it--including a Game Cube that hooks up to the video player:

I do force mandatory times where the kids have to look out the window.  Mean mother tho I am.  And recorded books have been divine--unless of course you ask my teens. 

I was very careful about allowing only four extra outfits for each child, plus a jacket and swimming suit.

Unfortunately I forgot to limit all the other junk they tend to tote on trips.

The blankets, and pillows, and stuffed animals, and pillow pets, and activity bags. 

To prove this point, I will share the following pictures.

The following photos are NOT a dramatization.  They are real, live pictures, from our real, live trip. 
No animals or people were harmed in the creation of these photos.

HOWEVER, if you are my husband please believe that the following photos ARE a dramatization.  I did NOT really allow the kids to open a restaurant in your car, drink pop, chew gum, or go to the beach and bring half of Malibu home.  Your car is as clean as the day you purchased it.  Sort of.  Stuffed animals and people may have been harmed in the creation of these photos. 

It ain't pretty.  And Honey, I'm sorry if I just scarred you for life!

We did clean the car today.  For real.  Honey, this IS NOT a dramatization.  Promise.

Just in time to traumatize it all over again.  Yee-haw!  Powdy River!


Our trip is flying by and the days are so full of fun (and/or driving), I am missing out on posting.  And since my blog creates our family photo album, I truly need to catch up. 

If you are not into looking at other people's family vacation photos, you will want to exit right now.

If you are my mom or my husband, you will appreciate the next few posts.

More highlights from California--is there anything as wonderful as Malibu beach with family and friends?

Another highlight was Knott's Berry Farm--definitely worth the on-line price--MUCH cheaper than Disney.  Two of my sisters and their kids joined in the fun.  If you go invest in the $13 free-refills-all-day souvenir bottle--we had gallons of lemonade on a hot day!

Saturday, July 21, 2012


Oh my!  We are living in the fast lane, but having a true mondo adventure!  Our time in California and Arizona was nothing short of amazing--thank you to all our family and friends who spent time, money, patience, adventures and floor space with us! 

Long day of driving, currently in the great state of TEXAS!  Lizzy flew home from Phoenix today--we miss you already Lizzy!  The kids are traveling well (thank you inventor of DS)--they do miss their daddy--how we wish he could have joined us on the trip! 

A few pics from Kim's camera (I haven't yet downloaded off my own):