Saturday, July 7, 2012

An Asian Invasion

A couple weeks ago we were walking into church with the six youngest.  Kim suddenly asked if I ever notice that now Patrick is the only bio kid in the bunch. 

I looked at the sea of brown faces and realized she is right. 

It used to be the other way around.  In fact, when we adopted Kim, we thought she would be our last child and we worried about how she would feel growing up as the only Asian, and only adopted child, in a family of blue-eyed blondes. 

God must have laughed.  Especially since the very next year we adopted Paul.

Standing outside the church that day I laughed too, because I honestly don't walk around constantly thinking about who and how many are Asian or Caucasian, bio or adopted. 

And then Kim laughed and said, "Hey Mom and Dad!  It's an Asian Invasion!"

That has become one of the quotable quotes of the summer! 

And how appropriate with our upcoming trip!

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