Thursday, July 5, 2012

Please Be My Tour Guide--Parade Help Needed!

I am now in full throttle mode for the Mondo Adventure!  There are SO MANY places we are blowing past touring by and I would love your input.  Pretty please?

If you live along our parade route and have input on must-see/must-do/great-site/great-park/great-adventure/ great-potty-stop-rest-stop please let me know! 

And of course, I need to know SKATEPARKS!!  (No, I did not say state parks, I said SKATEparks as in for skater-boy 14 yo son.)

Also, please let me know if there is something famous NOT worth seeing with a boatload of children. 

The parade route includes Sacramento, Los Angeles, Grand Canyon, Phoenix, El Paso, Austin, Little Rock, Nashville, Indianapolis, Chicago, I-90W forever and ever (including Sioux Falls, Rapid City, Mt. Rushmore), Yellowstone, Butte (I will refrain from Butt jokes), Spokane.

 You can comment below or e-mail me at r8rgr8 @

If you comment, I promise to throw candy out the window as we blow by! 

Get out your lawn chairs! 

The CrazyForKids are on the move!  T-minus 8 days!!!


thecurryseven said...

Having grown up in the Phoenix area, there are plenty of things I would recommend if you were driving through in say, March. I suggest anything air conditioned if you're there in July. Oh, and if you need real-live people when you're there let me know. My parents still live there.

Looking forward to our part of the parade route!


Sally-Girl! said...

Let me know when you are in Sacramento and we will come throw candy if we are home.

Sacramento has Old Sacramento that is historic, fun and touristy especially if you have any train buffs as they have the Railroad Museum there as well. The California State Fair will be going on then as well.

You are welcome to invade our Asian invasion as well. We have you beat though because we have NO caucasian kids at home any longer! And I wouldn't want it any other way!!!

alhaggerty said...

I have been a lurker on your blog for a few months now and live in Rapid City, SD. Here is a link to the skate parks in our city
Also, Jewel Cave is a fabulous cave to visit and there are a few different kids of tours, my favorite is the Candle light tour.
Enjoy your trip!