Monday, September 17, 2012

I Might Be Perverted But At Least I'll Be Organized

I know, I know.  I promised a post about the adoption miracle.  It's half written.  It makes me cry just thinking about it--my heart is so full of joy for this girl!

I'll finish writing it.  Soon.  Maybe.

The post is actually a good example of my life right now.  Everything feels half done.  I haven't quite gotten in the groove of school. 

Remember all those school supplies?

I did finish sorting them, but for some strange reason the leftovers have taken residence on my bedroom floor.

Why?  Storage issues?  Weak muscles?  Or, maybe you think I have a perverted sense of humor and ENJOY hearing my husband stub his toe in the middle of the night every . single . night?

Really?  Sweet, loving ME??? 

Well, mostly it's because I just can't seem to get anything finished!  I seem to be going every which way without accomplishing anything!

I know I could be putting all that stuff away right now, instead of sitting here talking to all of you, but then I wouldn't be able to experience one more middle-of-the-night thump, followed by a string of swear words.  Yes?

I know, it makes you wonder how I was approved to adopt, doesn't it?

I did finally make my first day of school cookie.  On the twelfth day.  After being reminded forty-two-thousand times. 

It actually looks like a pencil!  At least, I think? 

Okay, well, maybe it does look more like a rocket.  But it's a huge improvement over my first attempt at making a pencil shaped cookie years ago.

That one put me in business for bachelorette parties! 

Now that I've shown you just how immature and perverted I am, you will be happy to know I am getting help!

Since I can't seem to get caught up, despite my best efforts, and since I start my own school and internship next week (gulp!), and since my laundry is threatening to bury me alive, I have decided to hire an organizational specialist--a consultant who is going to come into my home and show me how to streamline my life, organize, prioritize, simplify and just plain breathe!!!! 

Stay tuned for the results!

And now, I am going to go put all those school supplies away.  Promise. 



"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

oh dear ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh good - be sure to share any magic bullets to get organized but geez I 've been waiting for your own organizing genius that you discovered while on your Mondo adventure!!!

Your cookie attempts are a hoot - a grand example of "its the thought that counts"!! And I am with you on the supplies - mine are in a bin in the hallway do I must really like to torture the hubs since that bin has been there for 2 years or so.

amber said...

Maybe pencil shaped cookies are not such a good idea.... perhaps you could go for an apple shape next year? Thanks for the morning laugh. Not sure an organizational guru will help - it is like weight loss. We all know what to do, it's the doing of it on a consistent basis that is the challenge:) Good Luck !

kathy said...

I'm thinking someone to do the laundry would be a big help. Maybe help cleaning bathrooms and floors also. Those are hard for me to do :| I myself just get things done when I do.