Friday, September 28, 2012

Jacob Wants A Family

I have an acquaintance who is advocating for this sweet boy, featured in Holt's Hi Families, Spring 2012 issue.  Her daughter was Jacob's foster sister and keeps asking if he has a forever family. 
The article states, "Jacob is outgoing and happy and his social workers state that he is 'loved by parents, teachers and classmates alike.'  In the four years since he entered foster care, Jacob has seen three of his foster siblings join adoptive families.  He still keeps in contact with one of his foster sisters - who joined a family in the US - via Skype.  This former foster sister describes Jacob as a funny boy who enjoys telling jokes and watching the Power Rangers on TV . . . He would definitely love to join a family with siblings."

Jacob has repaired cleft lip and is ten-years-old.  (Let me tell you, ten-year-old boys are SO MUCH FUN!  They are still so sweet at that age, curious, fun, energetic, and entertaining!)  Without help, Jacob struggles a bit in school, but is also described as industrious and respectful of his teachers.  He speaks Cantonese, Mandarin, and is learning English.  His foster sister shares that is a healthy, happy and outgoing boy.  He has a good imagination, he loves playing with other children.  He eagerly participates in group activites and his foster sister has many happy memories of playing together with Jacob.

From personal experience I can tell you that the orphanage where Jacob is from seems to have a positive outlook on the importance of transitioning a child into their adoptive family.  Jacob is currently on the shared list. 

Jacob wants a family!  Could that family be yours?  Look at that sweet face!  Is this your son?

Please pray that Jacob will find his forever family soon!  It's Jacob's turn!!!

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