Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Preacher Advice

Thank you to everyone who commented on my last post.  I am truly touched and humbled.  I wish I could sit down and have coffee with each and every one of you!  After today, we might need to make that an Irish coffee!

I know I said post 1,001 would be about an incredible adoption miracle, but I have no brain cells left to compose anything.  Probably because I spent the day inhaling glue sticks. 

This is what my bed looked like this morning:

And you may be wondering why, on God's green earth, I would choose to use my BED as a TABLE?  It's so I wouldn't be able to procrastinate past bedtime in sorting all those school supplies.  Sorting, and sorting, and SORTING!  (Why did I want 40,000 children???)

It was H - E - Double - Toothpicks! 

I'm telling ya people, you know all those loud TV preachers who rant and rave about hell being fire and brimstones?  If they really want some gnashing and gnarling of teeth, they should just preach that hell will be like a never ending day of sorting school supplies! 

That would straighten some people out!  I know it would put the fear of you-know-who in me!

To add insult to injury, we spent ALL afternoon at the dentist office.  I really know how to throw an end-of-summer party, don't I? 

It all added up to a hellish day and hundreds of dollars.  I am in mourning!  I'm depressed, exhausted and bankrupt.

School starts tomorrow.  Summer is over.  Summer.  My love.  Gone. 

I'm hissing and clawing all the way!  Homework!  Lunches!  And the worst--EARLY MORNING ALARM CLOCKS!!!!

Please send coffee.  And chocolate.  And glue sticks. 


kathy said...

LOL I really was!! Natalie had to wait until the 8th day of school for her supplies. Pay Day was late this month! For one child it cost me a pretty penny. Missed all of the sales! I let her get what she wanted and a little more. No glue sticks needed this year! Crayons either. Even though Franny got some for college because she Loves new crayons!
Once they are at school a quite cup of coffee. Then it will be much to quite! Enjoy (**)

S said...

Sorry but I need every single one of my glue sticks and I have eaten mort of the chocolate