Friday, October 5, 2012

Covert Operations

One of my solutions to our busy school year is to have plenty of quick-and-easy foods for school/work lunchboxes.

The problem is, my children like to EAT these foods ALL the time.

And we have lots of people around here by the name of Mr. Nobody.

Perhaps you have your own Mr. Nobody?

No, I didn't eat five cheesesticks and stuff the wrappers in the couch.  Me?  This sweet face? 

He sure does eat a lot, doesn't he?  And stashes plenty of dirty socks behind the recliner.  I've also noticed he uses the last of the toilet paper without replacing for the next, poor, unsuspecting Mr. Nobody poo-pooer, who is forced to use the I-can't-even-share-what. 

Okay, it was the shower curtain.  I know TMI!  That's really gross isn't it?  Sorry for that.  I'm happy to report Mr. Nobody only did that once.

But he eats a LOT!  A lot of the GOOD food (not the hobo food, which is what my children call anything that takes more than two seconds to prepare).

And yes, I know, "he" is often a "she."

I am happy to report I have discovered a solution!

At least for today.

Here is the bottom drawer of my fridge:

And here is what lies under those greens:

Covert operations.  Take that Mr. Nobody!

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Wife of the Prez said...

I found your blog through a link at NHBO to Kim's interview. Oh my word though! I keep coming back for more b/c a). you keep it real and b). you are hilarious and c). I can SO RELATE.

How do you laugh about the cheese stick wrappers in the couch? It DRIVES ME BATTY. Doesn't help that it makes DH downright mad, so then I feel like I need to somehow stop it.

I love your idea though. Quite genius. That would stop mine in their tracks too.

thanks for the perspective!