Friday, December 21, 2012

Gifts: Family Favorites

Need a last minute gift idea for grandparents, relatives, or your own kids?  A few family favorites.

Lizzy put together this ice cream sundae kit complete with cute bowls (from Target), sundae toppings, nuts, candy, and sprinkles.  Yum!

Cookie-mix-in-a-jar is fun and easy to make.  Tons of recipes--just google. 

Our kids were given a portable ping-pong set last summer and it has been a huge hit!  It easily attaches to any table top and has provided hours upon hours of fun.

We have had our Lego Mosaics for several years and they are still a family favorite.  Mei Mei loves to create with these and they are great for fine-motor skills.

I blogged about Colorku once before.  It is still used frequently and I love the quality and brainpower needed to solve the Sudoku puzzles (the colored marbles are also fun to play with/sort/make patterns etc)!

Ravensburger's Labyrinth was a favorite of Joe's and still enjoyed often.  I love the quality and its appeal to a wide variety of ages. 

My sister gave Vu this DK Children's Illustrated Bible for his baptism and it has become a family favorite.  I love the added historical photos and information. 

I linked through Amazon (my key to helping my Grinch heart grow), but I do not receive any monies or fame for linking.  As always, however, feel free to send coffee or chocolate my way. 

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