Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hiring Household Help?

This week was crazy!  Cuuuu-rrraa-zzzzzzy!!!

My house is generally clean at the beginning of the week, but by Friday it is most definitely worse for the wear.  Weekdays with school and work and activities takes its toll.

But this week?  It's like a tornado hit!  Life was so busy with Vu's birthday, several appointments, four kids on four different basketball teams, and an out-of-town husband--the kids weren't even doing their chores.  ATOMIC BOMB!

We're only two weeks into the school term, but I already need a break!

I'm seriously thinking about hiring someone to help me clean.  Years ago I had a most wonderful angel who came for a few hours every-other-week.  It was fantastic.  I loved the feeling of walking in the door where everything was clean!  And it gave us more time to do the yardwork, projects and extras. 

It's just the pain of writing that check.  THAT CHECK.  And now we live in a bigger house, so I would need to write a bigger check. 

Please, talk me into it.  Tell me I will never regret spending money for stress relief!  Tell me a housecleaner is cheaper than a therapist, which I might need if my house looks like this every week.  Tell me I am helping the economy by providing employment.  Tell me it will make me prettier and smarter and funnier and skinnier!  Tell me I will be saving money.  Whatever it takes to convince!

In the meantime, I'm dreaming of a vacation.  I'm remembering our trip last summer and wishing I was back at the Candy Factory.  They had a machine where the kids could fill tubes with powdered cavity yum! 

And of course they had chocolate.  Lots and lots of chocolate.  Which I could really use right now.   Along with some household help.  Yes?  


Leslie said...

We have a cleaning service. I would cut many expenses before that one. It is sanity saving.

maggie k said...

Get the cleaning angel back! Anytime that you aren't cleaning is time for yourself, your kids, your husband, your choice!

Anonymous said...

There is so much going on in your big family that you definitely need some extra help. Go for it!

Anonymous said...

nice to meet you. I am a mother of 7!