Monday, January 14, 2013

Radical Simplicity--Finding Balance

In my quest for simplicity I find myself with this huge desire to clean and organize.  Over the weekend I spent many hours cleaning every kitchen cupboard and then starting on the walk-in closet.  If the item was not useful, or beautiful, or (hopefully) both, it is being sent off to a new life!  I have too much STUFF!

This morning, I felt a sense of accomplishment in all I had completed!

But that feeling was quickly replaced by the conviction that I had not spent enough of the weekend with the truly important--my family!

I don't want to get so tied up in FINDING simplicity 

that I forget WHY I'm SEEKING it. 

Lesson #1:  FIND BALANCE

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kathy said...

You are teaching your family about cleaning and organizing. By doing so! Children learn by example.