Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Kim continues to improve bit by bit.  She isn't eating or drinking much, and is still struggling with nausea, but she did sit up in a chair! We are thankful to God that our little girl is recovering!

Balloons and candy from special school staff
As a funny, two people have already told us that when Kim comes home we need to protect her head from "sibling interactions" and buy her a helmet!

I was thinking a helmet and then yellow police tape wrapped in a wide berth around the couch!

In other news, I realize my life is truly pathetic.

Why?  Because I am enjoying sitting in the hospital.  Sitting.  And reading.  And blogging.  And reading.  And sitting. (Kim sleeps A LOT due to medication--which just leads me to read, blog and sit more.)

And did I mention there is a Starbucks in the lobby? 

Yep, pathetic.  But ready to get back home to all the chaos--and ready for Kim to get on the fast-track to recovery.  Thank you again for all your prayers!  Please keep praying for her nausea to completely subside and for healing. 


necessarygrace said...

Sitting up is good! And yeah, I think a day or two sitting and reading and sipping Starbucks wouldn't be so terrible... especially as you watch your daughter improve. :) Hope she heals quickly and you find a good way to put her in a bubble at home!

Sally-Girl! said...

She looks beautiful sitting in that chair I may add!