Friday, April 19, 2013

Patrick's Weather Forecast

Someday, I will have to make a book of Patrick's quotable quotes.  Maybe I'll title it, Patrick's Quotable Quotes.  That's catchy, huh?  And creative? 

A couple days ago I went to class and there was beautiful sun.  SUN!  I had on a short-sleeve shirt and sandals.  It was LOVELY!  We soak up the sun in this part of the world like a Chinese noodle soaks up soy sauce!

Did you like that little analogy?  I made that up all my myself.  Can you tell?
Compare and contrast
PNW woman : sun   as   Chinese noodle : soy sauce

But I digress.

As I came out of the social work building it was pouring rain and COLD.  Ugh!  I had no jacket!  And of course I didn't have an umbrella because nobody in the Pacific Northwest uses them--go figure!  So, I did the mom-jog to my car (parked on the other side of campus because it's cheaper!), while simultaneously trying to balance my backpack over my head.  It wasn't pretty. 

Patrick's latest quotable quote rang out loud and clear through my mind:

"There's no such thing as bad weather. There's just such thing as being inappropriately dressed."

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