Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Warning: The Following Post Contains Graphic Images

Kim went to her post-op today.  She is still struggling with headaches, but the doctor said it's normal and we have to remember she is only two weeks post surgery. 

I am so, so thankful to be on this side of the operating room and to hear her laugh and see her smile! 

I had promised some war wounds for those perverts out there who love blood and gore.

You know who you are.

If you do not love blood and gore you might just want to leave this blog while you still can. 

Go ahead.  I don't blame you.

And for you other weirdos . . .

Tell me, do you think this nurse might need some additional training in placing an IV?

Ouch!  That is FIVE pokes later peoples!  Luckily, she was already under anesthesia. 

On a cool note tho, when she went to the emergency room they had this quick-burst-shot-thing that instantly numbed the skin.  Or at least it was supposed to.  Kim wasn't so sure.

Anyhoo.  On to what you all really want to see.

The war wound.

Yup.  I warned you.  It isn't pretty, but she will have a great scar to brag about if she decides to put her hair up in pony tails.

We will now move on to posts beyond hospitals, surgical suites, and the ER! 

Updates on the other kiddos and a new life quote by Patrick, along with crazy thoughts and blurry thinking and random pictures.  Like this.  I do not even know what this is supposed to be, but apparently it was picture-worthy since it ended up on my phone. 

Any guesses?  I know, I know.  It looks like a penis to me to! 

What?  You weren't thinking that?  I guess that's just one more example of my perverted mind . . . doesn't it make you wonder how I have any friends at all?  I'm glad you are all my friends.  Even if you only exist in the blog-o-sphere!

I love you all!  Thanks again for the love, support and prayers these past few weeks!


Sandra & Steve said...

Love to you and your love family.

thecurryseven said...

I'm so glad you are all on this side of things!

And, gruesome though they may be, I actually took great comfort in the wound picture. At some point they will need to do surgery on H.'s skull and one thing I have been obsessing about is the hair issue. She has longer hair for the first time in her life and I hated the thought of it all having to go. I was so happy to see your girl's hair!

I hope the headaches go away. Still praying for you.